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ID: 1301
170 м2 Total area
4 Rooms
2900$/Per month
ID: 1296
150 м2 Total area
4 Rooms
2810$/Per month
ID: 1288
60 м2 Total area
3 Rooms
1250$/Per month
ID: 1260
26 м2 Total area
1 Rooms
650$/Per month
ID: 1227
66 м2 Total area
4 Rooms
99$/Per night
ID: 1205
95 м2 Total area
4 Rooms
5610$/Per month
187$/Per night
ID: 1199
167 м2 Total area
5+ Rooms
2550$/Per month
ID: 1192
96 м2 Total area
3 Rooms
1820$/Per month
ID: 1175
81 м2 Total area
2 Rooms
1700CHF/Per month
ID: 1047
40 м2 Total area
1 Rooms
2490$/Per month
ID: 1019
75 м2 Total area
2 Rooms
1 Bathrooms
1 Bedrooms
2690CHF/Per month
ID: 740
120 м2 Total area
4 Rooms
4990€/Per month
249€/Per night
ID: 647
135 м2 Total area
3 Rooms
1700$/Per month
ID: 436
90 м2 Total area
3 Rooms
3290CHF/Per month
199CHF/Per night
ID: 345
60 м2 Total area
2 Rooms
1 Bathrooms
1 Bedrooms
2690CHF/Per month
159CHF/Per night

Property for rent in Switzerland

Are you planning to visit Switzerland? In this country, there are a lot of things to get inspired by. It is called a Europe vault, the most mountainous place of the Old World and the richest state in the world. The most expensive resorts with the faultless provision of services, ancient architecture, mesmerizing sceneries, without a doubt, will steal your heart.

You will personally see, how the purchased raw materials are transferred into the most expensive and the most accurate mechanisms. You’ll see how people make the best wine, chocolate, and cheese in the world, devoting themselves to their craft during a lot of generations. You’ll breathe the healthful air of the Alps and admire the unusual beauty of Lake of Geneva.

If you set your mind on renting a property in Switzerland, you are on the right platform. offers you to choose a property, the cost of which corresponds to your demands. Here you can find small city flats, cozy chalets or houses in mountains, luxurious villas on a lake. Visit our site and choose your ideal variant!

Is it difficult to choose and rent property in Switzerland?

On site there are objects from owners. You can contact them directly at the stated telephone numbers or by e-mail and interrogate them in detail about terms and conditions, availability of the furniture, household appliances, bed-linen, towels and ask for additional photos. In this way, you will manage to rent a house in Switzerland, that will meet all your demands and wishes.

Peculiar advantages of our database:

You are worth the best!

Our main advantage, that makes us different from our competitors, is that the services of the site are free of charge for those, who are looking for a property for rent. We won’t take payment for registration and for middlemen services. Convenient and clear interface of the platform will allow you to set filters for prices, property categories, and regions of the search. It will effectively make the process of choice quicker, narrowing down the list to the best offers only. All the objects you liked you can save into your selection, using the Favorites button.

If you have a property for rent in Switzerland – visit us and start to earn from your real estate practically from the first day of the registration! You can place your advertisement on the service of and it will be seen by hundreds of interested prospective clients. The moderate charge for cooperation will be fully compensated with the demand for your offer! Here we have exactly what you are looking for! Register and find a property perfectly suitable for you. Or, place an advertisement and get plenty of phone calls from interested visitors to the site. Make sure right now that our service is simple and profitable!