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Privacy Statement

This privacy statement of, services of Stayandrent Inc., provides you with information about how we process your data that you use on our websites and mobile app.  With respect to this portal, we are responsible for the processing of your personal data and for the compliance of data processing with current legislation.  When processing data, we will comply with applicable data protection law provisions.

“Personal Data” means all individual data relating to the personal or factual circumstances of an identified or identifiable individual.  This means that it refers to information that can be attributed to you personally and disclose certain information about you.  This Privacy Statement will also use the wording “Your Details” to refer to them.  “Processing” means any operation related to your data, including, but not limited to, the collection, storage, management, use, transfer, disclosure or cancellation of your data.

Please note that the following conditions may be adjusted from time to time.  Therefore, we recommend that you regularly review this Privacy Statement.  Third-party websites that can be accessed through our portals are not subject to the principles set forth in this document.  We are not responsible for compliance with data protection requirements by third party websites.

Below we will provide you with information relating to the Personal Data that we collect and store in relation to you in case you use our Portals and how we use this Data and to whom we may transmit this data, if applicable.  In addition, you will also receive information about the rights that you have against us regarding the use of your data:

1.The scope and purpose of the processing of personal data

but.  If you use our web portal without providing any additional guidance, the web server technology we use will automatically record general information about the technical visit in the so-called log files.  This includes, in particular, the IP address of the device you are using to visit, information regarding the type of browser, Internet service provider and operating system used, digital offers that are requested from us, links / exit pages, and the time and duration of the visit.

This information will be collected and processed in order to enable the use of our website (connection settings), ensure and improve the security and stability of our systems and offers, analyze the use of our offers and services, collect general demographic information and provide our presence on the Internet should be  improved (including, without limitation, product improvements, marketing measures, targeted advertising, etc.), as well as for internal statistical purposes.  User is not identified in this process.  In addition, this automatically collected information and personal data stored by us usually do not have cross-references.  However, an exception to this general rule may apply if you already have a registered user account on one of our portals.

If you send a message through a corresponding function on our portal to a third party (for example, an advertiser), it can be saved by us.  You can also use free services on our portal.  Any Personal Data that you provide with the use of a free service or with a message (email address, telephone number, etc.) may be used by us, for example, for marketing and analysis purposes.  For more information on the processing of Personal Data for marketing and analysis, see Section 4 below.We can publish information already published by you on our portal on other platforms or in other mass media (for example, in newspapers) in an adapted form, where necessary.

In addition, we use cookies and analysis tools (such as Google Analytics) for visits to our portals.  See Next sections 9 and 10 of this privacy statement.

*when registering a user account

You can register and set up a user account to use personalized services or enter restricted areas, or send requests and manage your subscriptions.  In doing so, you will need to provide specific Personal Data.  This may include, for example:

– your email address, which can also be used as your username;


and, depending on the context and the sentence, additional information such as:

– name and surname

-address (full postal address, postal code, locality);

-phone number;

-Date of Birth;

-information about newsletters or other advertising;

-language preferences.

In addition to information marked as mandatory for the use of a specific digital offer, you can also provide and store additional personal data on an optional basis.

We will use this data to process and manage our digital offers, to check the plausibility of the entered data, i.e.  in relation to the basis, basic design, processing and modification of the contractual relationship established with you through your user account and in respect of paid services in order to ensure orderly billing.

If you publish content using the appropriate functions of our portals (comments, photos, videos, etc.), in order to share it with other users, it can be published by us and, thus, is available to the general public.  The same applies to your username or, if necessary, to your choice.  We refer you to the fact that once such data is published on the Internet, even if they are deleted or anonymous by you or us, they will still be accessible to third parties, for example, through search engines.

By clicking “Confirm” to complete the registration process to record or change information in your account, you guarantee that the information you provided is essentially correct.

with.  when using the portal as a registered user

When the Portal is used by a registered user, we will collect data for statistical purposes in order to ensure the smooth operation of the portal, as well as to analyze, optimize and personalize the use of our offers and services.  In this way, we collect data on whether you use our digital offers and how you use them, and in particular, what features and advertisements you are viewing.

In case you use our portal as a registered user, statistics can be visible to other registered users and will be collected and evaluated by us.

in case of purchase / purchase of a paid service

If you buy a product on our website or purchase a paid service accordingly, the provision of data, including, for example, the first and last name, address (full postal address, postal code, location) and any other data, is mandatory because we need this information  in order to issue a contract with you.  If you choose an online payment option, such as a credit card or PayPal, for the purchase of a product or, respectively, a paid service, payment will be made through the online payment system of the respective supplier.  In such cases, personal and payment data will be processed directly through the supplier of the respective payment system.  We will not receive or save your billing information.The privacy policy of the relevant online payment system provider will be applied additionally.

If you have registered and created a user account, we can save your data in the user account for the next purchase / contract.

In any case, we will retain all information relating to your current and previous purchases and contracts, that is, products, services, the number of products and services per purchase and the amount of payment.  We have the right to use this information for marketing and analysis purposes.

2.Direct marketing and online advertising

By registering or placing an order as a visitor on our portal, we can use your personal data for personal advertising.  This applies to both the personalization of advertisements by e-mail, such as, for example, e-mails containing general information or promotional materials (newsletters), by telephone, mail, fax, text messages, graphic messages and instant messaging services, as well as the provision of  personalized content.  and advertising on our portals.  At the same time, we can automatically evaluate the information we know about your behavior as a user on our portal, so that we can avoid you receiving inappropriate advertising.  You can find the details of this Treatment in Section 4.

By registering a user account, in principle, you will also automatically sign up for one of our newsletters, and your email address can be used appropriately and for our advertising purposes, until you refuse to send the appropriate newsletter.  At the end of each email we send you will find a link where you can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time.

You can also unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by sending an email to (con[email protected]) Subscriptions can be canceled at any time.

We have the right to involve third parties to participate in the technical management of promotional activities and for our own advertising and we have the right to provide them with your data.

3. Disclosure to third parties
We work with other companies or individuals, or we can designate other companies or individuals to process and store data. They can access your personal data or user data, although to the extent necessary to their tasks.

We may use and transfer data recorded by you or collected in connection with our usage measures in accordance with section 1 above regarding your personal situation or user account, respectively, for the purpose of evaluating, improving and to customize our services or services accordingly. related companies, customer service, customization and marketing.

The personal data you provide to us will not be sold, rented or processed outside of or related companies.

In addition to the disclosure described above, we will only disclose your personal information with your express consent, if we are required to do so by law or to the extent necessary to protect our rights.

In the event of a sale, merger or other reorganization of several or all of the assets of our company, personal data may be transferred, sold or otherwise disclosed to third parties in connection with such transaction or reorganization.

If we have to do this in advance, such as for purchases on an account, we can conduct a credit check with a credit bureau to defend our reasonable interests based on mathematical and statistical processes. To do this, we will transfer the personal data required for the credit check to the credit bureau and use the information received regarding the statistical probability of default to make a decision regarding the establishment, implementation or termination of the contractual relationship.A credit check may contain probability values ​​(points) calculated on the basis of a scientifically recognized mathematical and statistical process, and include in particular the details of the address in the calculation. Your valid interests will be taken into account in accordance with the provisions of the law.

4. Processing of your personal data for marketing and analysis is committed to continuously improving the digital products and services that are available to you and to developing them to better meet the needs of users and to be safer.

In this regard, the data we have on the past and future of specific users can be cross-referenced regularly using various analysis tools for analysis, aggregation, pseudonyms or anonymous behavior. users outside the offer. To improve our database, we may use publicly available or third-party data. Information obtained as a result of your use of our offer may be used and evaluated during the analysis of user behavior by other participating companies. This data processing will be done mainly with pseudonymous or anonymous data. The purpose of the processing will be to provide you with personalized advertising in accordance with section 2 or to show you this advertisement on one of our portals, as well as to increase the security of our portals.

5. Transfer of personal data abroad
We have the right to transfer your personal data abroad, including to third-party companies (designated service providers), if this is appropriate for the data processing described in this privacy statement. Recipients will be required to protect your data to the same extent as us.If the level of data protection in a given country is lower than that in Switzerland, we are committed to ensuring that the level of protection of your personal data is equivalent to the level of protection in force in Switzerland. We will provide this by one or more of the following measures:

conclude EU model provisions with designated service providers, cf. making sure that suppliers designated services are certified in accordance with the Swiss-United States or EU-US confidentiality standard (where the recipient of the data is in the United States or stores data therein), cf. through designated service providers whose mandatory corporate rules (BCR) are recognized by the European Data Protection Authority, cf.

6. Right to information, correction, cancellation or filing of a complaint
You have the right to exercise your data protection rights and to request information. You may also agree to correct, block or cancel your personal data at any time in writing ([email protected]).

We reserve the right to correspond on the above mentioned e-mail adress.

Please note that we are required to store your personal data privately, even after requesting a lock or cancellation in accordance with our legal or contractual storage requirements (for example, for accounting purposes), in which case we will not block your personal data. as necessary for this purpose. In addition, you can access your services. You can use your personal data in a widely used format.

Such an objection will not prevent the collection of data completely. You can prevent us from collecting your user data. Personal data is processed in a non-anonymous form for marketing purposes, then transferred to other companies and analyzed for these purposes. You must follow the steps outlined in section 9 to effectively disable cookies. This may mean that you can obtain or use the services you have purchased.

In addition, you have the right to file a data processing complaint with the relevant supervisory authority. You can do this with an alleged data breach.

7. Retention period of your personal data
We store your data only during the period prescribed by law or in accordance with the purpose for which they were processed. If we perform an analysis, we will store your data until the end of the analysis. If we store your data on the basis of a contractual relationship with you, these data will be stored for at least the duration of the contractual relationship and no longer during the limitation period during which claims may be lodged against us or against we. or during the term of a legal or contractual withholding obligation.

8. Data security
We apply appropriate technical and organizational security measures to protect the personal data stored by us from any manipulation, cancellation, modification, access, disclosure or unintentional, illegal or unauthorized use, or against any total or partial loss. Our security measures will be adjusted and strengthened according to technical progress. We are not responsible for loss of data, access or use by third parties.

If you register with us as a user, your account will be available only after entering your personal password. Billing information and credentials should always be considered confidential and the browser window should be closed after you stop contacting us, especially if you are using a computer with other users.

We also take data protection very seriously within the company. Our employees and service providers with whom we have a contract are required to respect confidentiality and comply with the requirements of data protection legislation.

9. Cookies
Cookies help make our websites easier, more enjoyable and more meaningful. Cookies are information files that your web browser automatically saves to your computer’s hard drive when you visit our web pages.

Cookies will not damage your hard drive or send us any personal data about the user.

We use cookies, for example, to determine who visited our portal, and from there, determine the frequency of visits to certain pages or offers, which parts of the portal are particularly popular and, in general, to evaluate the use of the portal. We use other cookies so that you can freely browse our portal and use its functions, for example with regard to access to restricted areas. These cookies may also be necessary to use shopping carts or payment functions. Using cookies, you can use the settings you have chosen or the decisions taken as parameters to facilitate your visit to the portal. In general, the use of cookies is intended to improve our services and to increase their efficiency and security. However, cookies may also be used to collect information to provide you with advertisements that may be of interest to you. Most internet browsers automatically accept cookies. However, you can configure your browser at any time so that cookies are not stored on your computer or when you receive a new cookie, an indication always appears.

Our digital offers can in principle be used without accepting cookies, although some features may be limited.

10. Monitoring and analysis tools
The use of our digital offerings is also measured and evaluated using a variety of technical systems, primarily third-party vendors, such as Google Analytics.These measurements can be done anonymously or individually. Data collected by us or third party suppliers of such technical systems may be transferred to third parties for processing. The most commonly used analysis tool is Google Analytics, Google Inc. In this case, the recorded data can in principle be transmitted to a Google server in the United States, where the IP address is anonymized using IP anonymization, so that a correlation is not possible. The IP address of your browser sent in connection with Google Analytics will not be verified with other data from Google. The recording and processing of this data in Google Analytics may be disallowed by configuring a cookie failure, which will prevent future registration of your data when visiting our website.

11. Legal basis
We will treat your personal data only in accordance with the principles of data protection and in the presence of legal grounds. If you support the establishment or implementation of our contract, this should be the legal basis. Otherwise, we are interested in the continuous improvement of our proposals, the adaptation of our proposals to your needs and the display of ads that may interest you. This is necessary for the development of our offers, as well as to be able to finance and guarantee the security of our offers. We act on the assumption that our interests prevail. If you consent to the processing of data, that consent will apply.

12. Contact person
If you have any questions about the data protection on our website, if you want to request information or request the cancellation of your data, please contact our contact person for data protection by sending an email ([email protected]).

Contact details of our data protection officer:
Stayandrent SA
Data Protection Officer
([email protected])


You may need to modify this privacy statement in connection with the further development of our website or the introduction of new technologies. Any material changes to the privacy statement will be notified to registered users by email to the email address provided at registration or by sending a notice to an appropriate location after login to a user account.

The applicable applicable privacy version may be downloaded from our website and printed at any time.

Original Privacy Statement in French. Translated versions are only for better understanding. In case of dispute, the French text will prevail.