Rent of real estate without intermediaries

Information for Owners

If you own an apartment, house, suites or other residential real estate and want to rent it out, we offer an excellent opportunity to use a reliable platform. On our site you can place an ad with a rental offer, and millions of Guests from all over the world will be able to see it and contact you directly (without intermediaries) to clarify details or book.



In order to be able to add your advertisements, you have to register first. On the registration page, you have to specify your Login, e-mail, and select a password. You can also register quickly using your Google or Facebook account.

Registration and account creation in our service is absolutely free!

After completing the registration procedure, all the platform features for registered users will become available for you.

Personal Account

Entrance to the personal account of the platform will be available only by entering the correct e-mail and password that you specified during registration.

The following options are available for you in your Personal Account:

  1. Editing your public data. All visitors of the site will see this information when posting reviews, comments and other content available on the site.*
  2. Editing user profile. Social networks.*
  3. Management of advertisements added to the Favorites section.
  4. Management of published reviews and comments.*
  5. Adding, editing and deleting advertisements.
  6. Advertisements management – payment for their placement on the platform and their promotion.*

Terms of Payment*

  1. Payment for publication and promotion of the advertisement is possible by any credit card, and an alternative payment system PayPal is available, too.
  2. You can choose the most profitable and convenient tariff for yourself, depending on the duration and cost of placing an advertisement on the platform:
    • 1 month – 20 dollars
    • 3 months – 45 dollars
    • 6 months – 80 dollars
    • for a year – 120 dollars
  3. For an additional fee paid options for advertisements are available on the platform:*
    • boost;
    • highlight in color;
    • put in «Best Offers»;
    • place an ad on a paid advertisement space on the site.
  4. Additionally, the platform administration is ready to consider the possibility of placing ad on paid advertisement spots (blocks) or the placement of partner information materials (articles, press releases), etc. If you want to clarify prices and terms of cooperation with, please contact the site administrator [email protected].

Edit Profile

This information is necessary for verification when making a payment for using the paid system functionality and for editing and adjusting personal data that will be displayed in the ads you post.

  1. To enable the ad management mechanism, select the «Real Estate Owner» role..
  2. Choose a more acceptable way to contact you, which will be displayed on the advertisement page. This can be an e-mail, phone number or both types of contacts.


  1. We tried to provide for all possible parameters that the guests may be interested in, therefore we recommend you to fill out the fields as fully as possible when adding an advertisement.
  2. To contact you, the «Contact Details» field displays the name, e-mail or phone number specified during registration, or, if you chose the quick registration method via Google or Facebook, an e-mail linked to the account of the selected social network.

    A notification will be sent to the same e-mail system when a user fills out a request form in the card of your advertisement.
  3. In order to provide the guests with information on the availability of your rental offer for certain periods, mark in the calendar the dates or periods when you want to receive guests. These dates will be highlighted in the calendar on the advertisement page.
  4. The saved advertisement is displayed in your account with the status of «Draft» until the payment for its publication.
  5. The transition to advertisements management is carried out by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page with the name «Object Editing Page».
  6. The Object Editing Page displays all of your ads that are available for editing, regardless of their status.

    If necessary, it is possible to remove or temporarily hide the ad from showing.


All ads on the site are divided by country:

In these categories, advertisements for rental housing located in the respective country are published. In cases where the property is not located in any of the listed countries, the advertisement is published in the World category. Users can easily find this ad using the filter, specifying the desired city and country.

* — Sections are under construction